Live Content Suite
Live, Easy Personalization of your IP Phone
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Personalized live content is delivered through the revolutionary Live Content Creator application...


Live Blogger

Deliver timely and relevant information to all your User Groups. Live Blogger uses standard Web Log (Blog) accounts to deliver live, up to the minute content to the users phones. It enables any user to receive information from a central blogging source. This application utilizes a web server to provide the required functionality.

Applications can include:

Sales Daily sales targets, promotions, sales incentives
Hospitality: Spa, Restaurant specials, push advertising to the phones
Help Desk: Problem escalation reports, Hot Spots
HR: Company notice board, Cafeteria menus, policy
Operations: Shift schedules, Daily statistics
Executive: Dashboard view of key objectives, stock prices

Live Widgets

Live Widgets are pre-packaged applications that can run on phones enabled with Live Content Suite.

The continually expanding list of Live Widgets includes applications such as:


Personalized Screen Saver

Any of the above applications can be chosen and displayed as the screen saver on each user’s phone.